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Anyone ever tell you that you look like-

Chris O'Dowd? Paul Rudd? A young Albert Brooks meets David Schwimmer?

No, that's not it... But you do look familiar. Where do I recognize you from?

Could be lots of places. High school or summer camp if you grew up in Southern California... Possibly from "The Mindy Project?" LOTS of commercials. Maybe you recognize me from that viral video where the best man knocked the bride into a pool?

Wait! That was fake!?

Yeah. Sorry. :(

Don't feel bad though. We fooled a lot of people, even Jillian Barberie. It's from a movie called "Chloe and Keith Get Married." You should check it out!

Can I see you live?

Uh... I'm not telling you where I live. That's weird.

No. I mean live, like in person.

Oh, right! My bad. I perform every Friday night at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre as part of "Outside Dog Gets One Star." Also be sure to checks the News page for updates on other performances.

Thanks! I'm glad we had this talk.

Me too! Keep in touch and have a bitchin' summer!

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